Always Moving Forward guided by Respect & Reality  is the unique guiding principle behind Run ENDURO USA.  It’s a principle that was developed over decades of service to the running community, as we watched student and adult Track & Field and Cross Country athletes from all across the U.S. compete against each other - while demonstrating RESPECT for themselves and their competition.  From our vantage point during thousands of races, we observed successful athletes making critical decisions that were consistently based on REALITY.  Whether it was a sprint race, a field event, or an ENDURO (long race) on the track, on the trails, or on the grass - we also realized these athletes were Always Moving Forward (never backing up).
Run ENDURO USATM  - - -  introduction   an on-line social network . . . Moving Forward guided by Respect & Reality
Moving Forward Together guided by Respect and Reality™ - - - while Simply Having Fun™
Run ENDURO is the competition and activities designed specifically                             for students and adults who enjoy the “Running Sports”. Run ENDURO USA is a social networking website that’s available for                                      everyone in the United States who is interested in                                Always Moving Forward guided by Respect & Reality.   The word “ENDURO”, by definition, means “a long race”.  There are many types of “long races”.  For example, a student who is graduating from high school is finishing a 12 year long “ENDURO” (long race).  Or, an adult trying to be successful enough to provide a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for his/her family, is running an ENDURO (long race) that can easily take 30 years (or more) to complete.  As you can see, we all have our own “ENDUROs” (long races) to run.                 It has become increasingly difficult to “Move Forward” at a time when RESPECT is not a priority, and REALITY is ignored or distorted.  (This is true for students, adults, families, organizations, businesses, and even our country.)   As a result, the “running principles” of the successful athletes mentioned above were adopted as the “Guiding Principle” of The  ENDURO Network.  We would like to share our “Guiding Principle” with everyone through Run ENDURO USA - the only social networking website for the United States that is - - -                                              Always Moving Forward guided by Respect & Reality.   We invite you to set up your own Run ENDURO USA social networking account - complete with a “Locker Room” (where your Run ENDURO USA TEAM can “Chat” with each other on a regular basis).  Your Locker Room also has an “Office” (where you can have private conversations with members of your Run ENDURO USA TEAM).  You will even have your own “Desk” (inside your private office), where you can keep important notes and other information. We encourage you to surround yourself with a strong TEAM that understands how important our “Guiding Principle” is to each individual’s success, the success of fellow students, the success of each coach, the success of our families, our schools, our business or place of employment, as well as to the overall success of the United States. It’s easy to add someone to your Run ENDURO USA™ TEAMSimply send someone (who is available for the Run ENDURO USA“Draft”) a “Draft Notice” from within your account.  That person will receive a notification that he/she has been “Drafted”.  If that person “accepts” your Draft Notice, he/she will be added to your TEAM (Roster), and can therefore begin participating in your “Locker Room Chat”.  So, we invite you to join our on-line network.  Be part of the only on-line social networking experience for the United States that is Always Moving Forward guided by Respect & Reality.                                                              For more details, click HERE.
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