Run ENDURO USA is a social media website (for the United States) that’s developed with a “running theme”, guided by The ENDURO Network principal - - -                                                  Respect and Reality Each Run ENDURO USA/ My ENDURO account has the following features: - Your own Locker Room . . .      From within your account, you can add other people to your on-line “Roster” by      sending them a “Draft Notice”.  If they accept your Draft Notice they will be      added to your Team (Roster).  Those added to your Team can enter      your Locker Room and participate in your Locker Room Chat.                    - You also have a Private Office inside your Locker Room . . .      You can invite anyone listed on your Roster to enter your Office for a private        conversation.  Once you leave your office, your “ENDURO Office Assistant” will      immediately turn the office lights off and erase all the conversation that took place.      If needed, you can also invite multiple people to meet in your office at the same time.                      - Inside your office, you have an Office Desk . . .      This is where you can keep your personal notes, a journal, training logs, etc.       Remember, it is not a good idea to keep important personal or financial information       in your Office Desk.  In fact, we highly discourage putting that type of data in your Desk.
My ENDUROTM     -   -   -    account basics  an on-line social network . . . Moving Forward guided by Respect & Reality.
Build your own Run ENDURO USA “TEAM”.  Each person on your Team will enjoy the support of fellow Teammates.  Your Team can Move Forward - as a TEAM.  And, Your Team will be networked with other Teams all across the United States who are all Moving Forward Together guided by Respect & Reality. So - - - join us  - - -  be part of the only on-line social networking experience for the United States that is Always Moving Forward guided by Respect & Reality™. To setup your account, click HERE     (Coming Soon in 2015)
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Moving Forward Together guided by Respect and Reality™ - - - while Simply Having Fun™